How Technology Increases Construction Productivity in the Era of Labor Shortages

The construction industry has an undeniable productivity problem. Up to a third of the average construction worker’s day is taken up by non-productive activities such as waiting for directions, materials, or updated information and drawings. Add in the current shortage of skilled labor, and you have today’s construction industry – which is less productive now than it was 50 years ago.

Join our panel of industry experts as they discuss the factors contributing to construction’s productivity problem, and how the successful adoption of field technology is emerging as one of its most promising solutions.

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • The latest industry statistics on the labor shortage and productivity trends
  • Why technology alone isn’t a silver bullet, and how to implement it effectively for the biggest impact
  • How lean construction principles can be applied to improve productivity challenges
  • Common barriers to the adoption of field technologies, and how to overcome them
Ruddy Miranda
over 1 year agoSeptember 14, 2017
Very helpful and definitely very true. I will summarize when a situation arise "Go to the Basics"
Silas Yilritda
over 1 year agoSeptember 14, 2017
This is a very useful information, keep up the good work please.
I will really appreciate it if you consider Africa in your research.
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